Zero Drift Machine Gun Tracker

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  •          Zero Drift Machine Tracker provides simulated Machine Guns with unprecedented tracking accuracy and is impossible to drift
  •           Unique Electro Mechanical design for angle transduction using industrial grade Absolute Optical Encoders
  •           Delivery of data to simulators via VRPN
  •           Measures 1/100th of a degree in deflection and elevation
  •           Attaches to MK93 Universal Gun Mount.  Custom fittings on other mounts available upon request
  •           Sturdy construction, with fabrication of all parts in 6020 Industrial Aluminum
  •           Gears made of 6020 Aluminum and Brass
  •           Anodized exterior surfaces
  •           Easy installation, little maintenance required

NOTE: Add To Cart option is for the ordering of a single unit for a MK93 mount. Please contact us for quantity pricing as well as customization for alternate mount options.