Terms & Conditions:

Printed Circuit Boards are available within 30 days.  50% down payment required.  Quantity Discounts and Earlier Delivery options are available.  Please contact info@serioussimulations.com

HMDs have many options for features, add-ons, discounts, and delivery.  Please contact info@serioussimulations.com  


1. Payment terms are: (50% down payment);  Net 30 Days for product purchases; 100% Prepaid for annual technical support and training services.                                              

2. Payment method is in commercial check to Serious Simulations, LLC, Suite 171, 3259 Progress Drive, Orlando FL 32826, or electronic wire transfer. Serious Simulations bank transfer details available upon request.
3. Serious Simulations LLC's US Federal Tax ID number is  471028451. Our DUNS number is 079479138.
4.  Some product on this site may be offered as a prototype for evaluation purposes only.  No warranty or other guarantees are provided.

5.  Products sold as final goods carry a one year guarantee for defective parts or workmanship, with full repair or replacement at Serious Simulations expense.

6. All prototypes and products are fully supported by Serious Simulations technical support team.